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To contribute to NZ's biggest beauty guide

Why Should I Register?

You don’t need to register to read the thousands of reviews and articles on the site but, register for free and you'll become a part of New Zealand's biggest beauty guide.   Once registered you can review products, earn Beauty Points and exchange them for fabulous beauty rewards in the Beauty Vault!  

How do I review a product?

Click the Write Reviews tab and follow the prompts or search for the product you want to review by typing its name in the search box.  You can also browse the Brand Directory to find it.  On every product listing you’ll find a review form – fill it in, submit and accept the disclaimer and voila! You’ve shared your opinion and earned Beauty Points in the process!

How much do I need to write when do my review?

How much you write is completely up to you, but reviews are expected to contain sufficient information and experience to give readers your view of the product.  We’re not asking for a novel, in fact some of the best reviews we’ve read practise the art of concision. In short if you like it say why, if you didn't like it say why.

If it is your first time posting a review have a read what other members have written to give you some ideas.  You'll find our Review Standards here.

When will my review appear on the site?

All reviews are moderated before they appear on the site.  You can expect your review to be moderated within 48 hours, but it might take a little longer during busy periods.

You will receive an email letting you know if your review has been published, or if not, with a list of suggestions on how to edit it to standard should you choose to resubmit it. 

What are these Beauty Points I’m earning?

Everything you do on the site, from reviewing products to commenting on articles and the forum earns you points.  These points can be spent in the Beauty Vault on…products.  Free, fabulous beauty products!

How do I spend my Beauty Points?

Head to the Beauty Vault . 10 Beauty Points = $1 of the RRP of a product.   

So check it out, make your shopping list and get reviewing to earn the points you need!

What earns me points?

  • Signing up to BR - 25 points
  • Reviewing a product we've sent you to trial - 10 points 
  • Reviewing a product you already own - 15 points
  • Commenting on the Forum – 2 points (capped to 100 a month)
  • Commenting on an article or poll - 2 points (capped at 100 a month)

What’s the Expert Review Panel?

Any member of Beauty Review can apply to join our Expert Review Panel.  As a member of this panel you will be eligible to join our Trial Teams.  In a nutshell, we’ll invite you to trial full sized beauty products in exchange for a well written review.  We’ll even courier them to you for free!

To apply for the panel you’ll need to demonstrate you write great reviews.  Once you have at least five well-written reviews under your belt, you can apply to join the panel here.

Sounds great! Is there a catch?

Nope :-) Accept your invite, use the product and review it. That's all there is to it! 

What's the forum?

The Beauty Review Forum is a great place to chat to our other members.  

How do I refer a Friend?

On your Beauty Profile you will see an individual referral link that you can use to recommend Beauty Review to a friend – copy it and share it via email, or on your Facebook / social media accounts.  You’ll earn 25 Beauty Points for every friend under 35 that registers and 40 points for those over 35, when they fully complete their profile and upload a profile photo.

I represent a brand - how can we get our products listed?

Drop us a line at [email protected] and our Content Manager will get back to you.

Can I still be a member if I represent a company?

YES!  But we ask that you refrain from reviewing products you are affiliated with and accepting trials for such products.  For example if you're an Avon representative, you may not review any Avon products.  Nor will you accept a trial for an Avon product.

I represent or own a company - can I link to my products on the site?

No.  We have a strict policy on self promotion on our website - including the forum.  If you've got a product you think our members would love, why not send us an email to  and chat to us about how we can work together?

Can I publish my reviews elsewhere?

To be honest the short answer is no.  By submitting your reviews to Beauty Review, and earning Beauty Points, you agree to our T&Cs regarding intellectual property. Reviews submitted to BR may not be published elsewhere, in print or online, without the written permission of Beauty Review.

You can of course, share your reviews with your friends and family, by linking to them!